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April, 2008

Welcome to Live Wire Plus.

A monthly e-newsletter from Live2Support which connects you with the latest trends and developments in cyber space that may impact your business positively and bring you closer to your personal definition of success and achievement. .

From the CEO's Desk

Welcome once again to Live Wire Plus, your one-stop powerhouse of information and analysis designed to place the infinite scope and potential of the Internet into your hands. Live Wire Plus is brought to you each month by the live chat professionals at Live2Support providing live chat solutions to businesses, NGOs and educational institutions in an environment that is directly aligned to your online customer support functions. If you have a question about live support, live chat, customer support or online commerce, please e-mail us and one of our support specialists will promptly respond to you with ideas, suggestions and feedback. Also, please drop us a note and tell us what you would like to read about in our next issue. We will be delighted to explore the subject and bring it to you as a feature story.

In this Issue:

  • Connecting with Customers through Local search
    One of the most paradoxical shifts we currently face is that while global currents are now making it possible for us to conduct business activity with countries that are literally located on the other end of our planet, the search engines are bringing us closer to the communities in which we live and work through powerful local search technology. In our cover story, we explain this recent phenomena and suggest a number of strategies that will help you to position your enterprise in the new age of localized search .... Read More

  • Service with a Smile through Technology: Live Chat for Non-governmental Organizations
    Live chat solutions don’t have to be confined to web sites with a clearly defined monetizing model. If you work with an NGO or know someone who does, you will be surprised to learn how you can seamlessly provide online social services and referrals through live chat. Our feature this month presents the proposition of live chat in a new light where bridges can be built to share a few moments of joy and happiness...... Read More

  • Live2Support Spotlight
    In this section, we explore a feature or a set of features in the Live2Support application suite that can significantly improve your service delivery model and put you ahead of your competition. Learn this month how Live2Support’s Multi-language Functionality provides a global communication platform for your customers and you. ... Read More

  • What is New at Live2Support
    This month, we have a fully loaded battery of new and exciting features at Live2Support. Read about Origin profiling, Historical chat and visit data, Visitor's name and e-mail address and much more. Live2Support now provides many new ways in which you can further refine your overall business strategy to generate maximum results. ... Read More

  • Special of the Month from Live2Support
    For a limited time, we are offering a 15% cash back on annual prepaid subscriptions for those members who have inactive accounts that are at least thirty days old ...Read More

  • Down the Pike
    The May issue of Live Wire Plus will welcome the arrival of summer with two sizzling features on why we should pursue a holistic approach to business and service delivery. Our cover story explores the concept of managing time realistically. In part two of this series slated for the June issue, we will show you how to develop a solid business plan not only as a reality check on your business but also as a vehicle to fuel growth and expansion. May’s feature story suggests a remarkable and easy-to-implement system of training your support operators.

New features you may like to review:

  • Now access your off-line messages from control panel also.
  • New Navigation of Control Panel : Grouped option in JavaScript base menu system and further more implementation of AJAX.
  • Minor bug fix for FireFox support operatorchat window.

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