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June, 2010


What is New at Live2Support

A monthly roundup of the latest news from the Live2Support R&D Center about product enhancements, upgrades and updates

During the months of May and June, our software wiz kids at Live2Support were busy further upgrading and adding new functionality to the desktop version of our live chat support software. These advancements have been beta tested by us for both ease of use and stability. We strongly encourage you to download the latest version and take our new version for a quick test drive. Here is what we have accomplished:

Time stamp in operator-to-operator chat & messages

Did you know that Live2Support, in addition to being the perfect solution to connect with your online customers, is ready to roll as an even more powerful internal communication vehicle? Internal messages between chat operators and supervisors will now carry a time stamp to ensure accurate tracking and reliability.

Retention of data regarding chat window Size & Status

Once your chat agents determine the ideal chat monitoring window size and status, they will never have to reset and resize these parameters and preferences even when they log out and subsequently log in. The modifications will take place only when your chat operators initiate them.

New and modified shortcuts for multiple commands

Much like keyboard macros, you can now use shortcuts to execute a vast number of commands when using Live2Support. It goes without saying that this is a blessing in disguise for your keyboard savvy chat operators.

Chat Request Alert Bar

A new chat request bar is now available in the visitor monitoring window as an added convenience. The IP address of the online customer requesting a chat session will now appear as a highlighted entry in the bar located in the visitor monitoring window.

Operator Messages in a new and reorganized format

(The chat operator messages were initially arranged only by date and time. Now you can also review the data by name. For instance, if Sales left a message at 10:00 AM on June 1 2010, and subsequently Marketing left a message at 10:05 AM, and Sales responded with a message at 10:30 AM, until now, we could only see the messages by time and date. Now we can view the entire data from Sales in one go with a single mouse click.

Sound alerts even while chat operators are offline

Like the chat software’s search function described above, sound alerts have been an integral component of our live chat software’s design and functionality for quite some time. Sound alerts are now audible even when chat operators are offline. This feature will now make it possible for chat operators to take instant action even when they are in the offline mode. There is a caveat though. At least one chat operator needs to remain online for the offline sound alert feature to function.

Increased accuracy levels in time zone data

The time zone data that is currently being displayed has been further fine-tuned. You can now set even more clearly defined time zone selections directly from the control panel.

Alarms and reminders for chat operators

Your chat agents can now set multiple alarms and reminders to manage routine tasks more effectively. These settings continue to remain active even after chat operators have logged out of their sessions for the day.



Chat operators can now leave sticky notes which they can create for personal and internal communication purposes. These sticky notes are also archived by the system for oganized record-keeping.